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We offer several support options so that you can get instant access to the information you need. Please select from the following:

Email Support

Need a quick answer? Please be sure to check our FAQ’s before submitting your email. If you are not able to find the information you need, our customer service team is always happy to answer your questions via email.
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Live Chat

Live support (also called live chat, live help) is an online chat application designed specifically to provide online assistance to our clients through the internet. We provide instant help to visitors on our website.
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Call Center

The MokiHost call center is where our clients can call for such things as customer service, to place an order, etc. The MokiHost call center is staffed with agents dedicated to handling the needs of our clients by telephone.
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Support Ticket

After submitting your question or request by a ticket, you will receive an automated email with a copy of your request and a ticket number in the subject line. If you did not get a return email, we did not receive your request.
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Need More Training?

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Training Center

MokiHost offers FREE training sessions with select hosting plans. Training is done either in person, by phone, email, live chat or numerous methods.
What constitutes a training session?
  • A 15 minute live consultation.
  • 15 minutes of email correspondence.
  • 15 minutes of live chat (texting) correspondence.
  • 15 minutes of personal tutoring at our location.
  • Certain provided electronic or printed tutorial instruments.
What will be covered?
  • Creating and setting up your account.
  • Accessing, managing and modifying your account.
  • Using your Content Management System.
  • Uploading and making changes to your website.
  • Q & A for just about anything relating to the use and maintenance of your site.
What does it cost?
  • Standard Plan: 1 FREE Session per Month.
  • Advanced Plan: 2 FREE Sessions per Month.
  • Premium Plan: 4 FREE Sessions per Month.
  • Additional 15 minute Sessions: $19.99 each.
  • Individual and group sessions are available at our facility for $50/Hr. Contact us for other options.

Can`t Find Answers?

Try Our FAQ Section & Find Your Answers There faq page

Quick Answers

Some of the most asked questions we receive.
What is a Training Session / Module?
MokiHost offers training sessions/modules to facilitate clients use and understanding of their system. Each module consists of a 15 minute session with one of our team members. Free modules are available with certain hosting plans and additional modules may be purchased separately.
What is website hosting?
Website hosting is a service that allows you to upload and store your site's HTML documents and related files on our web server. Our server then makes the files available on the Internet for viewing by the public.
What are the advantages of using website hosting versus a free hosting service?
There are several advantages to website hosting over free hosting services, with the first being domain names. With website hosting, you have the ability to host your website at your domain name, whereas with free website hosting, you generally have a long website address under the hosting providers name (i.e. http://geocities.com/yourname/...). Often times, free hosting services require their advertising to remain on your website. With website hosting through MokiHost, you control the content on your website! Another big advantage of website hosting is the sizable increase in your disk space and bandwidth. With free hosting services, you typically have limited amounts of disk space and bandwidth. The larger amounts that come with your account allow you to hold more files and receive more visitors to your website. Lastly, with website hosting with MokiHost, you have the ability to increase the functionality of your website with scripts, such as our free CGI scripts, databases and more.
How long does it take for my hosting account to be setup?
Your website hosting account will be setup immediately. You will receive an email confirmation with your login and FTP information after your account is setup. You may not be able to upload files to your account for up to 24 hours due to propagation of your domain.
I received a completion message. Why does my domain name still appear to be available?
Your domain name is registered immediately, but it can take up to 24 hours for some domain names to appear in whois. If you've received confirmation from MokiHost, you can be sure that your name has been registered.
Can I cancel a registration after submitting the form?
Once the registration process has been initiated it can't be canceled, so choose your domains wisely.
I am no longer using my domain name. Can I cancel and request a refund?
No. Once a registration is complete, it is valid for the time frame specified in the purchase (1-10 years) and is non-refundable.
How long will it take to register my domain name?
Your domain name is registered in a matter of minutes, provided the registration form is filled out correctly.
What do I get with my domain name registration?
Once MokiHost has successfully registered your domain name, we will then act as technical contact for your domain name as well as providing the required DNS servers on which to set up and store your domain name. With your domain registration, Standard plan or greater, you will receive free email forwarding and free URL forwarding. Email forwarding is an email address @ your domain name (e.g. bill@microsft.com) that automatically forwards to your existing email account. URL forwarding allows you to forward your new domain name to your existing website.
How much does it cost to register a domain name?
Each domain name is also subject to an annual maintenance fee which varies depending on the domain/registry (see the registration form for full info).
Can I pay by means other than a credit card?
Yes, we use PayPal and all credit cards through the PayPal portal.
How do I transfer a domain name?
It's easy to transfer your domain name to MokiHost. Simply go to our transfer page and enter the domain names that you wish to transfer.
How long does it take to transfer a domain name?
Transfers are generally completed within 2-3 days.
Does MokiHost offer free domain name email?
Yes, with the purchase of any hosting package, except our economy plan, you will get 10 free domain name email accounts from Zoho mail. We will set up your account and resolve the MX records for you.
Will MokiHost help with any email problems?
MokiHost will make every attempt to the best of our ability to assist you with any problem.
I forgot my password, can Mokihost help?
For security of your email, MokiHost will only have record of the password used to set up your account. If you change the password, we will not be able to help.