Hosting FAQ

Some of the more common questions with answers. Feel free to contact a MokiHost representative if you cannot find resolution here.
What is website hosting?
Website hosting is a service that allows you to upload and store your site's HTML documents and related files on our web server. Our server then makes the files available on the Internet for viewing by the public.
What are the advantages of using website hosting versus a free hosting service?
There are several advantages to website hosting over free hosting services, with the first being domain names. With website hosting, you have the ability to host your website at your domain name, whereas with free website hosting, you generally have a long website address under the hosting providers name (i.e. http://geocities.com/yourname/...). Often times, free hosting services require their advertising to remain on your website. With website hosting through MokiHost, you control the content on your website! Another big advantage of website hosting is the sizable increase in your disk space and bandwidth. With free hosting services, you typically have limited amounts of disk space and bandwidth. The larger amounts that come with your account allow you to hold more files and receive more visitors to your website. Lastly, with website hosting with MokiHost, you have the ability to increase the functionality of your website with scripts, such as our free CGI scripts, databases and more.
How do I pick a hosting plan?
When picking a website hosting plan, you need to have an idea of what you want to do with your website, plus factor in a bit of room for growth. Is your website large or are you hosting a large number of images and/or videos? If so, you need a package with a larger disk space allocation. Do you expect to receive high volumes of traffic to your website? If so, you need a package that gives you more bandwidth. Do you need CGI, PHP, and MYSQL functionalities? If so, select the plan that includes these features.
Can I upgrade accounts?
Yes, you can upgrade your hosting account at any time. All you need to do is login into your domain account and select the hosting upgrade that you would like.
Can I use Microsoft FrontPage?
You can use FrontPage or any other FTP enabled software to upload your web site. However, you will not be able to use some of the Microsoft features of FrontPage such as forms or counters. This should not be an issue though, because should you need those services you can use the ones provided to you from within your hosting control panel. We have many clients who use FrontPage, and find the forms, counters and other free scripts we provide more than adequate.
Does MokiHost offer any website design tools for the regular hosting plans?
No. If you need website design software there are several options for you to use that have free trials. These include: EditPlus - a more advanced version of 'Notepad'. It allows you to preview a file as an html page before uploading it to your server. CoffeeCup - Offers both an html editor and a visual site designer.
How long does it take for my hosting account to be setup?
Your website hosting account will be setup immediately. You will receive an email confirmation with your login and FTP information after your account is setup. You may not be able to upload files to your account for up to 24 hours due to propagation of your domain.
Can I host multiple websites?
Yes, you can host multiple websites, but you will need to setup a separate website hosting plan for each website.
How do I update my website?
To update your website, you will need an FTP program. There are several great free programs available online, such as CuteFTP and WS_FTP. If you already have an FTP program, you simply FTP into your account and upload your new or updated html files. It's also possible to upload your files using FTP via your browser. Simply type the following address into your browser and it will ask you for the login info: ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com/yourdomain.com. Enter your login details and you're ready to upload!
What do I name the main page of my website?
You can name the individual files whatever you like, but your main page must be called -index.html- or -index.htm- for it to be the first page people see when they load your website.
How can I transfer my website from another host to MokiHost hosting?
Transferring your website from another host can seem like a daunting process, but we're here to make the move quick and easy. First, make a backup copy of your entire website by downloading all files via your FTP program. Once your new hosting account is setup with MokiHost, you can then FTP your files into your new account. You will also need to update your domain name DNS servers so that they point to your new website location. MokiHost offers free transfers with many of our plans.
Can I track how many people visit my website?
Yes! With your website hosting plan, you will have access to in-depth website statistics including daily visitors, monthly visitors, website referrers, search engine visitors (and the keywords they searched for to find you!), plus much more. Stats also include graphical charts, making it easy for you to see how you are doing with a quick glance.
Can I use CGI on my website?
Yes! You can use CGI on your website. In fact, MokiHost offers several free, ready-to-use CGI scripts for you to use with your website.
Does MokiHost offer any free, ready-to-use CGI scripts?
Yes! We offer several free, ready-to-use CGI scripts including visitor counters, guestbooks, and more! Login to your control panel and select the CGI scripts option to find out more.
How do I renew my account?
Your hosting account can be renewed automatically on a monthly or annual basis, or you can log in to your MokiHost Account area to submit a renewal. Reminder Emails will be sent for all accounts. If you have any questions about your renewal, please contact us.
Can I use PHP on my website?
Yes! You can use PHP on your website. If you need additional resources for php, please visit http://www.phpbuilder.com.
Does MokiHost offer a database solutions such as MySQL?
Yes! Both our Standard and Premium website hosting plans include MYSQL. To find out more about MySQL, visit http://www.mysql.com.
How do I login to my hosting control panel?
You can login to your website hosting control panel by clicking the login button located at the top right of this page.
Does MokiHost allow adult websites?
NO! Plain and simple.
How do I get additional support?
You may contact one of our support staff @ +1 (386) 238-0933 if you cannot find a answer or solution on this site.