Sales Agents Needed

to generate and close new web design and development clients. Sales associates must deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and long-term customer retention. All candidates must be authorized to work in the USA without restriction. SCROLL DOWN to FAQ's for details.

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Need a quick answer? Please be sure to check our FAQ’s before submitting your email. If you are not able to find the information you need, our sales rep service team is always happy to answer your questions via email.
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Live Chat

Live support (also called live chat, live help) is an online chat application designed specifically to provide online assistance to potential sales reps through the internet. We provide instant help and answers to our reps.
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Call Center

The MokiHost call center is where potential sales reps can call for such things as job clarification, to request an application, etc. The MokiHost call center is staffed with agents dedicated to handling the needs of potential sales reps by telephone.
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FAQ's & Quick Answers

Some of the most asked questions we receive.
How much can I earn?
As with any commission based structure, you can earn as little or much depending on your efforts. Giving 1 free website away each day will earn you $150 per week and selling 1 large website a day can earn you $1,900 a week.
What training do I need?
Very little training is required. Indoctrination takes about an hour covering policies and procedures followed by a Q&A session.
What skills would I need to be successful in this position?
Must possess excellent English, Reading, Writing, Communication and Articulation skills. Have an Above Average Work Ethic and be a self-driven, motivated hard-worker. Be polite and know how to listen and intuit customer needs. Must be able to understand the business impact and value translation of a “best in class” website to prospect or client. High Integrity and Honesty. Good Listener. Resilient, very positive and can close sales. Sales associate has their own phone service, internet connection and excellent broadband service. Experience with web design/development concepts, basic marketing concepts, internet marketing strategies preferable.
Will I be considered an employee of MokiHost?
No. All sales associates are considered independent contractors that resell the MokiHost product line.
Does MokiHost have an Incentive or Bonus plan?
Yes. Additional commissions and bonuses are given based on performance statistics.
What are the opportunities for personal growth?
All our associates will be exposed to the inner workings of our company. We encourage self enrichment through exposure and make future opportunities available.
Is it organizational policy to promote from within?
Yes. Well performing qualified candidates can move up within our organization.
Who would I work with most closely on a day-to-day basis?
Aside from your clients, you will report to the department manager.
What qualities are you looking for in your new hires?
S.M.A.R.T. Savvy, motivated, articulate, responsible and trustworthy. There are so many more qualities we would like to have in our associates. What can you offer?
What are your expectations for new hires?
Only to meet or exceed the requirements and promises made during the interview process.
Why is this position available?
Growth. One person can only do so much. We need a solid team to fulfill our goals.
What makes your organization different from its competitors?
High quality products and services at extremely competitive prices. Personal sales and support systems. Most of all our people, ethics and business model.
How would you describe your corporation's personality and management style?
Structured autonomy. We offer a caring and compassionate regard to our associates within a defined structure. Your personal needs are greatly considered when setting our professional requirements.