Domain Management FAQ

Some of the more common questions with answers. Feel free to contact a MokiHost representative if you cannot find resolution here.
How can I be sure the domain name I requested has been registered to me?
You will receive an email confirmation of your domain name registration once it is complete. You can also login into your account and see that your name has been added to your account management area.
I received a completion message. Why does my domain name still appear to be available?
Your domain name is registered immediately, but it can take up to 24 hours for some domain names to appear in whois. If you've received confirmation from MokiHost, you can be sure that your name has been registered.
Can I cancel a registration after submitting the form?
Once the registration process has been initiated it can't be canceled, so choose your domains wisely.
How long is my domain name valid?
You have the option of registering your domain name for 1-10 years. If you select 1 year, your name will be need to be renewed annually in order to remain valid. If you select multiple years, your name will remain valid until that period is up.
Now that I have my Domain name, what can I do with it?
There are several services that can be used with your Domain name: If you already have a website, start using your domain name without the additional cost of hosting. When a user enters your new Domain name into their browser, they'll be redirected to your existing website. MokiHost offers several levels of web hosting to suit your needs. Each package provides you with at least 500MB of disk storage on our server, plus 24hr access to maintain your website from anywhere in the world. Submit your website to 1000+ search engines, increasing both your web presence and your website traffic! Get a professionally designed website without the cost of a professional web designer. Web Design Templates are ready-to-use websites that you can download immediately.
Can I sell my domain name that I registered?
Yes, once you register the domain name, it is yours to sell or do what you want with, provided all the required fees are paid and it's not in breach of any law.
I am no longer using my domain name. Can I cancel and request a refund?
No. Once a registration is complete, it is valid for the time frame specified in the purchase (1-10 years) and is non-refundable.
How and when will I be notified about renewing my domain name?
You will be sent an email notification 2 weeks prior of the expiration of your domain name. You will also receive one final notice on the day that your domain name expires. It is important that we are updated about any changes to your admin email address because this is where the notifications are sent.
My domain name has already expired. Is there any way that I can renew it?
If you have accidentally allowed your domain name to expire, you may still be able to renew it before it is deleted and made available to the public. There is a redemption grace period of 30 days. Please contact us for help in renewing your domain name.
What happens if I don't renew my domain name by the expiration date?
Within 3-14 days after the domain name expires the domain name will be removed from the name servers (DNS) which will interrupt any services such as Email, Website hosting, or URL Forwarding. For certain registries, approximately 30 days after the domain name expires it will enter into a redemption period for approximately 30 days. During the redemption period, you can still renew your domain name, but there is an additional redemption fee of $150.00 USD which includes a one year renewal. If the domain name is not redeemed during the redemption period, the domain name will be deleted by the registry and made available for registration.
What is the redemption period?
For certain registries, approximately 30 days after a domain name expires it goes into what is called the redemption period. The redemption period lasts for approximately 30 days. During this period the domain name can be redeemed by the original registrant for a fee of $150.00 USD which includes a one year renewal. If the domain name is not redeemed it will be deleted by the registry and made available for registration.