Domain Transfer

Some of the more common questions with answers. Feel free to contact a MokiHost representative if you cannot find resolution here.
How do I transfer a domain name?
It's easy to transfer your domain name to MokiHost. Simply go to our transfer page and enter the domain names that you wish to transfer.
How long does it take to transfer a domain name?
Transfers are generally completed within 2-3 days.
How do I transfer my Domain name to another provider?
com/net/org Domains registered before 12/31/99: Approach your chosen provider and fill out their hosting request form. Advise them that you already have a Domain name and that you wish to have it transferred to their servers. Most providers have a ready made template for this purpose and don't charge a transfer fee. Once the transfer request has been sent, both yourself and MokiHost will receive a message from InterNIC asking to either acknowledge or decline the request. So long as all fees have been paid and we've been made aware of the transfer, we acknowledge this message. It generally takes less than 2-3 days. If we were not made aware of the transfer, it is the admin contact's responsibility to acknowledge. com/net/org Domains registered after 1/1/00: Request the following info from your new provider, then contact us. Please send your request from the Email address of the current Administrative Contact (if you've forgotten this address, use our Domain name search engine)
I requested the transfer 4 days ago. Why has my Domain name still not transferred?
In most cases, MokiHost will receive a copy of your registry modification request and we are able to assist if you contact us first. Please note that unless there's a discrepancy in the request, MokiHost is NOT holding up your transfer. For all domain names, the registrant or administrative contact has full control of the domain name and listed information. At MokiHost, we always list our client as both of these contacts to ensure your rightful ownership. If you require our assistance, please contact us with full details (include your Domain name) and we will do our best to assist you.
Why can't I transfer my NEW Domain name to another Registrar?
You can change the DNS at any time by logging into your Account Login. However, per ICANN regulations, you cannot change the Registrar for 60 days following a new registration. After that time, you can request a transfer through the receiving Registrar and we will be notified of the move.