Email Setup and Usage

Some of the more common questions with answers. Feel free to contact a MokiHost representative if you cannot find resolution here.
Free or Paid which is best for me?
On a paid email you should have your important stuff such as clients, something small that can be saved, bills, invoices and a lot of other things. Why it`s better to keep those things here and not on a free email ? Simple: you pay for this service and if something bad happens, someone should be able to help you. At a free email address you will see a lot of ads, it will load but not that fast when compared with a paid service. When you will buy something from the Internet, in some cases you may notice that some websites does not accept a free email address or that they require an additional form of verification.
Does MokiHost offer free domain name email?
Yes, with the purchase of any hosting package, except our economy plan, you will get 10 free domain name email accounts from Zoho mail. We will set up your account and resolve the MX records for you.
Does MokiHost have a more secure paid domain name email service?
Yes, with our dedicated server plan however, MokiHost does not offer the more secure and better domain name mail service on our standard hosting packages. We highly recommend using the paid version of Gmail for your domain mail needs.
Will MokiHost help with any email problems?
MokiHost will make every attempt to the best of our ability to assist you with any problem.
I forgot my password, can Mokihost help?
For security of your email, MokiHost will only have record of the password used to set up your account. If you change the password, we will not be able to help.